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From the initial delivery of material, to transporting final products off the production line, all the way to the delivery to end users.

This process includes storage, transport, and other logistic services. We use our own information system and the latest technologies to assure the effectiveness of all operations, while emphasizing quality controls. Our development team adapts the system to meet client needs.

Razítko Nákladní auto
Kontejner Kontejner Kontejner Kontejner Přepravní proces Dům Část továrny Část továrny Kontejnery Bílé kontejnery Kontejnery Bílé kontejnery Bílé kontejnery Továrna Bílé kontejnery


to end users

Reverse logistics

Material deliveries

in their proper order and at the set time

Value added services

Quality check


of materials and goods

Přepravní proces

At the same time

Analysis and optimization

of logistic processes

Online transport management

and delivery monitoring

Information exchange

with the customer using the EDI platform and web-based services

Storage management

using the LODiS information system

Our goal is to propose the optimal supply chain, taking into account all related activities to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Our storage and distribution centers meet the highest standards for quality management and operational perfection, which we achieve through close cooperation with our customers from the auto industry and other consumer sectors.

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IT systémy

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Supply Chain

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