Cargo transport and logistics for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry (FMCG food & beverage) faces a number of challenges, including growing pressure from large retail chains, rising costs, and price pressures.

A full fourth of C.S.CARGO's clients are from the food and beverage industry, which is why we are a natural partner for companies in this sector.

Thanks to our long-term contracts with partners from the industry, we have accrued a wealth of experience and created a team of experts ready to fulfill our clients' variety of demands.

Clients from the food and beverage industry make up 29% of C.S.CARGO's revenues.

Some highlights from C.S.CARGO's activities for the food and beverage industry:

Volume of goods in kg per year.

milion km
Distance traveled in one year.

We most often import and export food and beverages to the following countries:

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, France, Slovakia, Estonia, Belgium, Poland, Great Britain, Romania, and Portugal.

Supplementary services

  • Value added services: labeling, packaging, light assembly work
  • Monitoring shipments during hauling.
  • Quality controls and inventory management.
  • Cross-dock - dispatching goods according to individual orders.
  • Determining delivery terms conditions.
  • Insurance of goods beyond the carrier's liability.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Export, import, and customs consulting services.

Advantages of C.S.CARGO's
logistics services


Tailored solution

We tailor our transport and logistic solutions to your needs, while taking into account the market in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Assured transport

We assure transport schedules according to the demands of your supply chain (ATP).

Quality and Flexibility

We will flexibly adapt our solutions to accommodate your production plans, react to seasonality or changes in volume, and handle unexpected and unforeseen circumstances during transport. Our priority is to deliver the ordered amount of goods at the expected level of quality, to the specified place on time.


We also offer the services of our experienced and highly-trained experts, including our drivers, who we take the greatest care in selecting.

Types of distribution

We focus on primary and secondary distribution

Environmental friendliness

We place an emphasis on quality and environmental friendliness, which corresponds with our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in these areas.

IT and efficiency

We utilize a cutting-edge IT system that allows us to constantly improve the services we offer and implement innovations that yield more effective services and lower costs for the customer.

Special types of vehicles

We operate an extensive fleet with a wide range of specialized vehicles.


We offer end-to-end monitoring of your order with access to our web interface.

Network of centers

We offer a broad network of centers that allows us to be close to our customers.

Contracted logistics

We handle contracted logistics for our key clients.

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