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We offer a broad portfolio of services, provide the highest quality, a modern fleet, and of course highly-trained employees that are prepared to offer our partners custom solutions supported by our own IT systems and infrastructure.

Transport Management System

Our transport management system allows us to plan ideal routes, which lowers costs for our business partners while also minimizing the impact on the environment. Online monitoring of vehicles using GPS technology means we can quickly and flexibly react to obstructions (traffic jams, detours), facilitated by communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

National and international transport

C.S.CARGO specializes in hauling cargo, regardless whether it is within the Czech Republic, import/export to other EU countries, or transport to and from third countries. C.S.CARGO Group has subsidiaries in four Central European countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia) and in Russia.

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Types of transport

Types of transport

C.S.CARGO's advantages

  • Online monitoring of individual shipments.
  • Years of
  • Extensive fleet
  • Faster deliveries and more flexibility thanks to our in-house IT systems.
  • Tarp-covered flatbed, cooling, and refrigerated units.
  • Transport of ADR cargo and extraordinary goods.
  • Transport according to set schedules:
    • Just in Time
    • Just in Sequence
    • Milk-run
    • Kan-ban
    • Cross-dock
  • Direct connections to logistics services.

We transport all goods according to INCOTERMS® 2010 international transport rules. For more information about cargo transport, please contact our sales representative:

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Custom ground transport

C.S.CARGO knows how to transport various types of cargo and we tailor our services to your needs.

C.S.CARGO's comparative advantages include its broad network of service centers, its extensive portfolio of contracted partners, and its monitoring systems that allow for round-the-clock surveillance of goods. In combination with a modern fleet, we guaranty pick-up and delivery at the desired time and at the expected quality.

We use sophisticated IT systems to ensure timely, precise, and efficient operation:

The EDI platform and web-based services provide reliable and swift data exchanges with the client.

Industrial companies are among our most loyal clients, active in sectors such as:

Transport for industry

Our fleet

C.S.CARGO owns a large and modern fleet of regularly serviced vehicles. Our trucks meet the highest European environmental norms: EURO 5 and EURO 5 EEV.

The quality of our services is not simply based on our exceptional fleet, but also our team of professional and reliable drivers, and we take care to select only the best.

All C.S.CARGO vehicles are equipped with

A satellite monitoring system that allows the client to monitor the goods throughout the trip.
A mobile phone
Carnet TIR
Equipment of C.S.CARGO trucks

Fleet equipment

Extra large load trailers

Length (m) Internal width (m) Internal height (m) Weight (t) # of pallets
120 CBM 7,30 + 8,16 2,48 3,00 24 38
120 CBM 7,72 + 7,72 2,48 3,00 24 38
120 CBM 6,25 + 9,3 2,48 3,00 22 38
Swap bodies 7,70 + 7,70 22,2 38
2-floor vehicle 7,70 + 7,70 2,48 3,00 23,5 38/76
120 CMB (jen CZ) 7,76 + 7,76 2,48 3,00 31 38

Trailer road trains

Length (m) Internal width (m) Internal height (m) Weight (t) # of pallets
100 CBM 13,62 2,48 3,00 25 34
90 CBM 13,62 2,48 2,7 25,5 34
FRIGO 13,41 2,47 2,63 24 33
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Import a export

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