Reliable Transport Services for Mora Moravia

MORA, a well-established Czech maker of home appliances, produces a broad and complex range of kitchen appliances. Its original factory in Hlubočky was founded in 1825 on the site of a former ironworks. The company's first stoves were produced in 1861 and since then the company has expanded to produce a wide variety of kitchen equipment.


Mora Moravia

Cooperation between our two companies began in 2004 and we mostly focus on transport services.

We specialize on the transport of large-capacity tandem transports with special dimensions for Mora Moravia.

We provide Mora Moravia with reliable transport services that include:

  • Transport to EU member states, former Yugoslav states, Russia, and Scandinavia.
  • Domestic transport.
  • Online monitoring of vehicles and optimization of routes.
  • Our own modern large-capacity transports - 120 cbm.
  • We average 30 shipments a month.
30 shipments monthly
120 cmb large-capacity transports
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+420 493 506 111
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