Optimization of Logistics Processes for Continental Automotive Czech Republic

Continental Automotive Czech Republic is a global leader in the manufacture of brake systems, supplying car makers such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Škoda, Peugeot, Jaguar, as well as others. C.S.CARGO has been a logistics partner for Continental for many years, providing a broad range of transport and logistics services, including software support and assuring online information flows.

Cooperation between the two companies began in the late 1990s, beginning mostly with warehousing and transport services. Since then, the relationship has developed along with the needs of the customer and the parallel expansion of services provided by C.S.CARGO.




Distribuční centrum

Currently, the 4.000m2 warehouse can store 9,000 units, and 1.25 units enters and leaves the warehouse each minute. About 45 trucks are dispatched each day.

Maximální využití plochy

The units, distributed in a three-shift regime from the distribution center, are bound for most of the car makers in Europe and others abroad, which means we must uphold the strictest security standards and the ability to trace back each unit.


Besides handling pallet units, the distribution center also provides re-packaging and sequencing of individual products from production to customer packaging, which provides the receiver the advantage of Just In Sequence deliveries for production processes. We also offer supplementary services, such as mechanical and hand washing of packaging.

The logistics process

begins in the transfer zone of the production facility and continues through the transport of the units to the distribution center; storing and cataloging each unit to a precise pallet and shelf position; dispatching of goods according to orders on FIFO principles; preparation of shipments, including the identification of units according to VDA principles; and loading on to vehicles for transport to end users.

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We provide Continental Automotive with complex transport and logistics services:

  • Import of raw materials to production facilities and the return of transport packaging in the form of FTL JIT shipments, as well as international collection services
  • Constant transfer and transport of completed goods from Continental’s production facilities to distribution centers.
  • Warehouse management using mobile online terminals.
  • Unique identification of each unit according to VDA Standards.
  • Mapping of the entire history of each unit, from arrival to dispatching.
  • Sequencing of individual items from production to customer packaging (JIS).
  • Dispatching of completed products according to FIFO principles.
  • Mechanical and hand-washing of packaging.
  • Visual quality checks during re-packaging.
  • Export of finished products to EU member states using various types of vehicles, including express shipments.
4000 m2
1,25 pcs/min
45 vehicles daily
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