Beverage Logistics for Leading Global Breweries Plzeňský Prazdroj, Pivovary Topvar, and Heineken

Leading global breweries entrust their logistics to C.S.CARGO as a long-term partner. We provide them with primary and secondary beverage logistics using various vehicles under diverse specifications.


Vozový park

From secondary distribution using standard 33-pallet covered trailers, to large-capacity transports with 38-pallets of space and 31-ton weight limits for primary distribution.

Monitoring vozidel

All our vehicles fulfill the strictest ecological regulations, and they are equipped with a monitoring system that can be accessed online, enabling an optimal loading and unloading schedule that can quickly react to changes and complications.

Flexibilní kapacity

Thanks to the size and the quality of our fleet, we can be flexible in terms of capacities, which is especially useful during distribution spikes and dealing with urgent cases.

IT Systems

Our advanced IT system allows us to deliver beverages with maximum effectiveness while managing stocks and distributing goods, and it includes online solutions that administer orders, invoicing, and automatic payments.

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Primary Distribution

We haul beer in kegs, bottles, and cans from many breweries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to dozens of distribution centers and the central warehouses of retail chains.

  • We load more than 120 transports a day.
  • We travel more than 850,000 km a month.

Secondary distribution

In Slovakia, we deliver beer to more than 8,000 on-trade and off-trade retail outlets for end customers (restaurants, hotels, cafes, stores, etc.).

  • We dispatch an average of 90 transports a day.
  • We travel more than 200,000 km a month.
120 transports a day
850 thousandkm monthly
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