Logistics for Benteler Czech Republic

Since 2003, we have provided logistics services for Benteler Automotive, one of the world's largest producers of automotive parts. We service their production facilities in Chrastava, Jablonec nad Nisou, Stráž nad Nisou, and Rumburk. In July 2012, we won a tender to prolong our successful cooperation for another five years.



We provide Benteler with complex logistics services:

  • Delivering raw materials.
  • Warehousing and deliveries for individual production facilities.
  • Commissioning raw materials.
  • Over-seas repackaging.
  • Sorting
  • Warehousing and dispatching finished products and spare parts.
  • Checking shipments from individual suppliers, checking and monitoring FIFO systems up to the return of reusable one-time packaging and disposal of one-time packages.

Each year, we transport more than 160,000 pallets of materials and half a million smaller packages of raw materials.

160 thousand pallets per year
500 thousand smaller packages per year
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