We provide and optimize logistics processes; from supplying raw materials, to receiving finished goods off the production line, all the way to deliveries to end users, including warehousing and all related value-added logistic services.

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Our unique LODiS IT system provides high-quality management of logistics processes both inside and outside the company. We offer outsourced logistics that provide our customers with significant cost savings while maintaining the functionality and quality of the whole logistics process.

LODiS includes inventory management with built-in automatic controls that allow for the effective management of incoming and outgoing shipments and billing of individual services.

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Our LODiS information system automatically creates delivery orders, receipts, express requests, vouchers, and invoices for services rendered, as well as labels with unique bar codes. LODiS also provides online inventory management and turnover overviews.

Optimization of logistics

We perform a process analysis that results in proposals for optimization and their realization in logistic processes inside and outside the company. This provides a current view of those processes, materials, and equipment.

Storing materials and goods

We provide storage services for materials and goods. We use both regular and climate-controlled warehouses, and can meet any customer specifics (shelving systems, free space, etc.).

We use cutting-edge warehouse technologies. Each storage unit is tagged with a unique number and can be cataloged either under our bar code or under the customer's. The number, type, and movement of all inventory can be monitored online. The digitization of the whole process allows for the easy back-up of all data, and our warehouse and cataloging technology provides better controls of the movement and condition of the goods, while eliminating human error.

Inventory services

from C.S.CARGO provide:

The option of selecting

storage/shipment systems (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO...).


and in-sourcing of partial processes.


Separating goods into individual orders and distribution to end users.

'Just in time'

and 'Just in sequence' deliveries

Managing the flow of packaging

and its cleaning

Transferring, assembly,

and labeling of goods

Warehouse Management System - WMS

C.S.CARGO uses its proprietary LODiS information system for logistic management, which incorporates our years of experience and constant development. The system covers the complex range of the supply chain; from storing raw materials and just-in-time (JIT) production deliveries, all the way to warehousing finished products and distribution to end users. Our in-house development team assures the system's flexibility and variability.

The client framework of the system is connected to radio or GSM terminals that are controlled by client-server applications. The client is a standard telnet program, which means expanding the application is independent of the type of terminal and operating system. These solutions are extremely important as electronic communication is becoming the norm for exchanging information with customers through EDI or Web frameworks.

Inventory management

Inventory management is an active control program that allows for the effective management of deliveries and shipments of goods, as well as billing for services rendered.

LODiS provides quality controls and allows you to manage operating costs.

The system regularly reports turnover of inventories and other parameters according to customer demands.

Our LODiS information system automatically generates orders and receipts, express requests, invoices for services, and labels with unique bar codes on the basis of EDI communication and internal logistic actions.

The system guaranties precise online records of inventory and turnover, as well as accounting for services rendered according to predefined parameters.

Quality control
during transport
and warehousing

We check the quality of goods and the precision of deliveries on the basis of specific client demands.

Entrance logistics check

Checks to see if packaging is intact and the number of units on the accompanying documentation matches the units actually delivered.

Independent receiving

Goods are scanned to enter them into the system. The controller does not know the declared number of units. If the number of received units does not match the accompanying documentation, a logistic complaint is issued.

Control of material/goods upon dispatch

Physical checks of goods upon dispatch on the basis of exit quality standards provided by the customer.

Logistic complaint

A documented protocol used for discrepancies during receipt (damaged goods, discrepancies between the number of received and declared pallets, or other units), that serves as a tool to evaluate the precision of deliveries. Logistic complaints entail an exact description of the discrepancies, including photos.

Unit traceability

The ability to trace back all a unit's movements from receipt to the moment it was dispatched from the warehouse. Records contain a precise time and the people responsible for the particular movement.

Entrance control
of material/goods

A physical check of goods when they are received on the basis of documentation that was agreed upon with the customer.

Independent dispatch
(label check, load check)

The system dispatches goods only on the basis of scanning goods in stock. If the number of dispatched units does not match the number ordered, an extra control is performed, or only the number of available units are dispatched.

Order system

The order system lowers transport costs from the producer to the end consumer.

The order system includes:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Immediate dispatch of goods according to orders on the receipt
  • Transfer to temporary storage
  • Loading onto smaller vehicles
  • Distribution to end users (secondary distribution)
Order system

Cross-dock logistics

The order system includes:

Cross-dock services transport goods from the producer to the end consumer. We dispatch the goods at our warehouse into individual orders from customers, which are then delivered by smaller trucks. Cross-dock services lower the costs of logistics and transporting goods.

Individual cross-dock steps:
  • Receipt of goods
  • Immediate dispatch of goods according to orders on the receipt
  • Transfer to temporary storage
  • Loading onto smaller vehicles
  • Distribution to end users (secondary distribution)
Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics include operations associated with re-use of materials or products, or their collection for disposal.

When to use reverse logistics

  • The process of planning, implementation, and control of efficient and cost-effective material flows, production in progress and finished products from the point of consumption until the point of creation with the aim to complete re-assessment (re-working) or proper liquidation (= a reverse step in the supply chain).
  • In the standard process of receiving and dispatching with specific activities specified by the client (i.e. non-systematic FIFO, sorting, quality controls).
  • Managing packaging accounts (empty packaging management)
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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